Sustainably giving joy– PURSET donation to the Red Cross.

Winter hats don't just keep you warm when it's cold, but can also be a source of joy. Especially to those for whom an accessory is not just an accessory, but something they wear every day. That is why PURSET is donating over 300 children's hats to the Red Cross' Kleiderkiste clothing box and also to the Christmas parcel campaign of the Youth Red Cross in Innsbruck.

The Kleiderkiste supports people in need through the TEXTIL campaign. Second-hand and unworn clothing is collected by Red Cross helpers and pre-sorted. With the help of trained social workers, these pieces of clothing are then distributed among needy families from the greater Innsbruck area. Even a little "shopping experience" is possible: children and families can also visit the Kleiderkiste and choose the clothes they need. The Christmas campaign of the Youth Red Cross, on the other hand, helps needy families and single elderly people through donations of food and small gifts collected by Tyrolean school classes and put together as lovely Christmas parcels. Families with children can look forward to PURSET hats in such a parcel.

Donating clothes can be complex when deciding to whom one should give, and the question of where best to give them can also be difficult to answer. PURSET chooses to donate hats and accessories to local and regional social institutions. This way, these clothes are not shipped to other countries in a costly and CO2-intensive way, but hopefully arrive where people in need from Innsbruck and Tyrol will enjoy them the most: under the Christmas tree.