Into the woods

The collection shoot by PURSET.

When a group of people meet early in the morning in the sleepy winter forest, it’s no coincidence – which is exactly what happened at a location covered in hoarfrost near Innsbruck. Wildly romantic, a little fairy tale-like, and very atmospheric. The perfect setting for what is to happen here.

Günther Egger, a master of Hasselblad photography, is shooting the new winter collection by PURSET together with his assistant Dominik Hollausand has chosen a very special location.


As the morning mist slowly fades in the forest, individual hidden rays of sunlight hit the moss-covered ground. The right time to get down to work. While the two models, Kyra Ebenbichler and Max Gombocz, are still almost motionless in make-up, Sonja Gasa Valga is styling the first outfits with the matching accessories. Two large mirrors reflect the light onto the models and the forest around them as Günther Egger presses the shutter release. With his images, Kyra, Max, and the trees come to life. An analogy to the accessories by PURSET, which also lend wearers a wintry touch and expression.


Video artist Andrea "Angi" Leichtfried is also in on the action at the same time, filming Kyra as she dreamily snuggles into the wide, airy, floral scarf, and Max, wrapped in a thick, red-checked scarf and surrounded by tall, thin spruce trees, as he stands on a ladder and looks directly into Günther Egger’s photo lens. Winter impressions and spherical movements, edited into a subtle image video by Andrea.