How the magic happens! The creativity process

Creativity starts in the mind. This is also the case at PURSET. Every product is based on a vision – for an accessory or an entire collection. Each design is created with its own individual idea and inspiration.


"The idea for a collection doesn't just pop up. We find inspiration for it not only at the fashion fairs in Milan, Berlin, or Paris, but social circumstances also have a significant impact on our designs", Sonja Gasa Valga tells us. "The latter is, of course, also about the function of our hats, scarves, and gloves. When we feel that social life mainly takes place outdoors, this must also be reflected in the material composition – a very important aspect for our winter collections, for instance. When the focus is more on completing an outfit with well-chosen accessories, we concentrate even more on finesse and details. And then there is the fit! At first glance, this might not have anything to do with the look, but it's essential to the overall value of our products".

Open minded for the right mix - that is one of the secrets of a successful creative process. The PURSET team meticulously and skilfully follows every step of the design process: from sketch to finished accessory. Traditional craftsmanship is hereby allowed to meet digitalised modernity by all means. You have to be able to touch the material and see the product – 3D visualisations and animations support this process. This also meets our sustainability requirements as resources are conserved without diminishing the creative process.

"We spend a lot of time developing our collection. From the selection of the right materials, or rather the right mix of materials, to the functionality and fit, all the way to the fashionable appeal. PURSET specialises in all these process levels from A to Z. I think that by keeping the big picture in mind, we create accessories that are a joy to wear even beyond the season or collection", summarises Sonja.

So creative work at PURSET is a process that involves attention to detail, innovation, value, and responsibility. And in the end, teamwork is first and foremost.